Aaron Elkins

Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Arizona

Research Interests

Aaron investigates non-contact rapid screening technology for detecting deception and hostile intent at the airport and border. To understand both the technical and human aspects of this problem, Aaron is majoring in Management Information Systems with a minor in Psychology. Aaron is a lead researcher and systems integrator at the National Center for Border Security and Immigration, which consists of 14 multi-disciplinary partner institutions focused on research to protect American borders, foster international trade, and understand immigration issues.

Aaron has numerous publications covering topics of deception detection, sensor fusion, and rapid screening processes and security. Aaron's research focuses on developing models that fuse physiological and behavioral sensors to predict human emotion and deception. These predictive models not only utilize Aaron's custom signal processing and computational statistics software, but also incorporate his extensive research on culture and how it influences perception and behavior in rapid screening environments. This research includes a multi-year project sponsored by the Counterintelligence Field Activity that investigated how different cultures and people from the world behave when lying.

Aaron has received funding from DHS S&T, NSF, Defense Academy for Credibility Assessment, and the Center for Identification Technology Research for several multi-institutional research projects that include: developing field-ready embodied agent screeners, using social network analysis to predict terrorism, detecting unconscious signals of trustworthiness, and automated classification of facial expressions in video.

Prior to entering the Ph.D. program, Aaron spent five years as an IT manager and researcher with AVID, an educational non-profit focused on closing the achievement gap in the US and internationally. Aaron completed his undergraduate education at SDSU, where he graduated top of his class with a degree in Information Systems as Outstanding Student of the Year and President of the Association of Information Technology Professionals.

Aaron is currently researching cognitive dissonance induced behavior in rapid screening environments and how human screeners at the airport and border are psychologically affected by, use, perceive, and incorporate the next generation of screening technologies into their decision making.

You may also find Aaron at Imperial College London where he also holds a research post in the Intelligent Behaviour Understanding Group: Visit Aaron's iBUG Profile

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