Michael Fix

Co-Director, National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy
Migration Policy Institute

Michael Fix is Senior Vice-President and Director of Studies at the Migration Policy Institute, where he serves as co-director of MPI’s National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy.  Prior to joining MPI in 2005, Mr. Fix was Director of Immigration Studies at the Urban Institute in Washington, DC.  His research has focused on immigration and immigrant integration policy, race and the measurement of discrimination, and federalism. Mr. Fix is a Research Fellow with IZA, Bonn Germany.  His publications include: Welfare and Immigrants: The Impact of Welfare Reform on America’s Newcomers; The Russell Sage Foundation (2009), and Still an Hourglass? Immigrant Workers in Middle Skilled Jobs;  The Migration Policy Institute (2010).  Mr. Fix holds a JD from the University of Virginia and a BA from Princeton University.  He did additional graduate work at the London School of Economics.