Doug Stow

San Diego State University

Dr. Douglas Stow is a Professor of Geography at San Diego State University (SDSU) who specializes in remote sensing and image processing. His research focuses on land use and land cover change analyses, particularly for Mediterranean-type and Arctic tundra ecosystems, major cities of developing countries and the US border zones. Stow has worked with US Border Patrol for over 10 years on the application of geospatial technologies for monitoring the border zone. He is the primary instructor of remote sensing courses at SDSU and is the Co-Director of the Center for Earth Systems Analysis Research. He has served as advisor for seven doctoral and over 50 master’s degree students. Stow served for almost five years as department chair and is currently the doctoral program adviser. He currently has a part-time appointment as Special Assistant for Enrollment Management in Academic Affairs. His research is supported by DHS, NASA, NSF, NIH, US Forest Service, and state and local agency research grants. He is the author or co-author of 120 refereed publications and 40 conference proceedings papers.