Conference Papers


“Automated Kinesic Analysis for Deception Detection” Accepted, 2009. Judee K. Burgoon, Matthew Jensen, Nathan W. Twyman, Thomas O. Meservy, Dmitris N. Metaxas, Nicholas Michael, Koren Elder, Jay. F. Nunamaker


Burgoon, J. K., Elkins, A. C., Jensen, M., Diller, C., & Nunamaker Jr, J. F. (2008). Potential Noncontact Tools for Rapid Credibility Assessment from Physiological and Behavioral Cues. International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology. Prague, Czech Republic.

I. Brewer and D. L. Hall, "Overview of Penn State DHS Tasks", presented at the kickoff meeting held at the University of Arizona Center of Excellence for Border Security and Immigration, Tucson, Arizona, December 10-13, 2008

M. Balakrishnan, E.E. Johnson, and H. Huang, "TEAN-Sleep for Distributed Sensor Networks: Introduction and a-Metrics Analysis," Proceedings of IEEE MILCOM 2008.